Staff Insider: Getting To Know Rafael Ruiz

Jake Masters, Staff Writer

There are many pieces that allow Masters to run so smoothly. Behind the scenes twenty-four hours, seven days a week there is a dedicated hard working staff that spends much of their time working to maintain our school every single day. Our school staff comes from all over the world and they all have interesting stories to tell. From grounds keepers to dining hall staff they all contribute to making the school a safe and comfortable place.

Rafael Ruiz, who has been working at Masters for over fifteen years, has spent the past fifteen years making sure that the dining hall has been kept clean and maintained. “My main goal is to make a comfortable, clean place for students and teachers to eat in.” said Rafael. Rafael takes pride in his job and is very happy to be serving the Masters community. Rafael has not always lived in America, he was born in Lima-Peru and came to the U.S with his brother in 1998. Rafael and his brother came to this country to escape the bad economy in Peru and find better job opportunities, so he could better support his family. While here Rafael went to college and studied mechanical engineering in hopes of following in his father’s footsteps and become a mechanical engineer. “I work hard to make sure that my son and daughter can have a good education.” said Rafael. Rafael’s 23 year old son lives in Peru, and he now also has a 5 year old daughter who lives with him here. When not at work, Rafael loves to ride his bike with his family, and watch his favorite team Argentina play soccer.

Without Rafael and his hard work, our Dining hall would not be the clean place where we can all relax and eat, so next time you see him in the Dining hall remember to thank him for his work and remember to clean up your plates!