Fuller House Returns Home


Emma Luis, Contributing Writer

Ever since 1995, American fans of the sitcom Full House have tried to fill the void left behind when the show ended. Finally, say goodbye to longing for the past because Netflix once again has come to the rescue. Netflix’s original series, Fuller House, a continuation of the 80s-90s show Full House, was released Feb. 26 and follows the former actors as they all band together once again in the same house.

The first episode was nostalgic but almost painful to sit through. An entrance from an old character was made every few minutes, making the entirety of the episode – all 20 minutes – full of fake audience applause and actors freezing uncomfortably. The rest of the episodes eased up, with the occasional appearance of some rare older members of the original show.

The remake is full of cheesy references to the old show, with childish lessons and pauses for laughter, just like the original. All of the cheese and sappiness comes together to make a very entertaining season. The set was an upgrade from the original, with a more modern version of all the rooms. After the last episode finished, I never wanted it to end.

The new characters fit in well with the old, complementing the old personalities and bringing out new sides to them as well. The plot of the season consists mainly of Kimmy Gibbler, the former annoying next-door neighbor, D.J. Tanner, and Stephanie Tanner, who all find new love interests. The show added a modern twist, focusing on finding each of the three girls a new beau.

Of course, the show has some flaws. The references to Full House are made all too often, making it frequently awkward and looking completely staged.

Netflix announced recently that a second season will be aired soon, and the cast begins filming in May. Undeniably, the classic Full House will always have a place in our hearts and no remake will ever amount to the love that the show has gained in its many years of filming.