Outspoken hosts an open mic, plans for future with non-members


Annie Rubinson, Blogger

Outspoken, the spoken word club at Masters, is an audition-based group that provides an environment for people in and out of the club to openly express their thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations through poetry. The group is made up of dedicated, courageous poets across all four grades–they close in on the spoken word style of poetry, and spend their Tuesday evenings crafting, practicing, and developing their work. “We really push each other to grow,” Miranda Luiz, co-president, said. She, along with other members, strives to create a welcoming environment that allows each person to truthfully express themselves. She included that some of the most important traits of an Outspoken member: open-mindednessedness, and room for growth in terms of their work.

“I love Outspoken because It’s a place where as writers, you can be incredibly honest,” Stephen Boe, co-president said, “All of the members of Outspoken share their true selves without fear of being judged.

I love Outspoken because it’s a place where as writers, you can be incredibly honest.

— Stephen Boe

Zia Foxhall, sophomore and new member, reflects upon her time in the group, and her progress thus far: “Everyone just wants you to improve,” she said, “There’s no negative or condescending energy.” In her first year performing spoken word poetry, she sees Outspoken as the perfect first experience for her.

This past Friday, February 9th, Outspoken hosted an open-mic night accessible to the entire school. Throughout the event, both students and teachers openly shared their stories, struggles, and opinions with the Masters community through their poems. Luiz describes the event as “a forum for people who aren’t members of Outspoken to express their love for poetry.” The event was a huge success– the entire Davis Cafe was packed with supportive audience members.

With graduation right around the corner, Luiz and Boe are thoughtfully planning the rest of the year in Outspoken. They both expressed an interest in creating more opportunities for non-members to read their poetry. Luiz mentioned the possibility of a poetry workshop open to the entire Masters community. In addition, the co-presidents are currently working with the other members to organize a trip to the city where they can attend spoken word performances.