EFFECT Celebrates Earth Day With Sustainable Farmers Market


Annie Rubinson, News Lead Editor

In recent years, the environment we inhabit has changed more drastically and rapidly than ever; the steady rise in world temperature due to greenhouse gas emissions and the economic instability caused by recent natural disasters has sparked activism across nations to become more sustainable. Earth Day, founded in 1970 by Senator and environmentalist Gaylord Anton Nelson, has become a day dedicated to celebrating our planet and demonstrating support for environmental care in the United States. EFFECT, the environmental initiative at Masters led by various student leaders, has worked hard to involve the Masters community in the nationwide movement for environmental care, and currently plans their celebration of Earth Day.

“We noticed that there was a lack of sustainability initiatives within the Masters community,” Junior Emma Luis, key group leader of the Zero-Waste initiative, said, recalling the founding of EFFECT.  Luis described that she, along with several other key group leaders and members “try to make the community as sustainable as possible.” One of the main products of EFFECT’s work has been a the establishment of a composting system that has nearly reduced the Masters Dining Hall to a zero-waste facility.

“Our facility creates a lot of waste but it doesn’t have to be that way,” Sophomore and Zero-Waste key group leader Sophia Forstmann said. “Composting takes away about 70 percent of our waste.” She explained that the composting system is especially beneficial given Masters’ large population.

For the second year in a row, EFFECT will be hosting a farmer’s market on the Masters Campus in honor of Earth Day on Friday, April 27: “Students can sign up to be vendors, and they can make any kind of sustainable food or product to sell at the fair,” Sophomore and Zero-Waste key group leader Olivia Sharenow said. “The purpose is to raise awareness about sustainability, and all of the proceeds will go to the EFFECT budget so we can make more sustainable investments for our school,” Some of their plans for the future include investments in solar panels and zero-waste bins to be distributed throughout the Masters Campus.

EFFECT has also decided to spread the Earth Day Celebration beyond the upper school: “We’re working with the Middle School to have a ‘Party for our Planet,’” Luis said. In addition, EFFECT has just made an investment in bee hives, and is currently working to expand the Zero-Waste initiative to other areas of Masters.