PIC Creates An Inclusive Environment For Aspiring Photographers


Annie Rubinson, Blogger

While some clubs and societies are audition or application-based, many students have recently taken initiative to form clubs that are easily accessible to the entire school community. Founded just this year, Photo Interest Club (PIC) creates a space for passionate photographers to discuss photography, take photos, and showcase their work.

“I really have a passion for photography, and I know that there are so many other students that do as well,” Sarah Tretler, co-president, said. She added that her main goal as a leader of PIC is getting the rest of the school to appreciate and experiment with photography; she, along with the rest of the club leadership, does this by coordinating events such as galleries, photo shoots, and photo competitions. The club recently finished a portrait contest, in which students from across the school submitted their best portrait shots and the winning photos were posted on the club board. “We want to appeal to a large audience,” Tretler said.

Two weeks ago, PIC hosted a photo scavenger hunt, their very first event since their founding. Participants were provided with a list of items to photograph across the Masters campus, and the first team to finish was deemed the winner. This event was a success, with a large student turnout and lots of new photos for the PIC gallery. Tretler hopes that by planning more events such as these, Photo Interest Club will become more of a presence on campus.

Another way in which PIC leadership intends on getting the greater school community involved is by creating an online gallery for the photos taken during PIC meetings and events. “One meeting we did an activity with darkroom photography,” Tretler said, “We kept the shutter on for a long time and made cool designs with lights.” She added that these photos are being printed and uploaded to be showcased later, both online and around campus. “All submissions are welcome,” Tretler said. She added that she also plans to arrange time for guest photographers to attend PIC meetings to discuss their experiences and help students develop their photographs.

You can send photo submissions to PIC leadership at sarah.tretler@mastersny.org and eli.rubinson@mastersny.org, and be sure to check out their online gallery soon at photointerestclub.squarespace.com.