Versen announces retirement from Athletic Director position


Vincent Alban

Athletic Director Kevin Versen addresses the school at the 2018 athletic awards.

Joseph Goldstein, Lead Op-Ed Editor

Leaving behind a legacy of growth and success for Masters athletics, Kevin Versen is retiring as the Director of Master’s Athletic Department and moving to Florida with his wife, Lynne Versen, a middle school teacher.  During his seven years at Masters, Versen oversaw the opening of the Fonseca Center, the creation of a slew of new teams and a number of championships.

        For Versen, taking the job at Masters was his fifth Athletic Director job in just as many different states. When Versen was offered the position at Masters, he was tasked with “coming in and building a competitive athletic program, organizing the Athletic Department,  introducing the Fonseca Center and expanding the visibility of the Masters School within the local Metropolitan area.”

While he refuses to evaluate his own success at accomplishing these goals, Versen takes pride in the coaching staff he helped put together. “If I was going to be proud of anything it would be providing the school with some of the best coaches in the area.”

Despite his modesty, Versen has a lot to show for his time leading Masters’ athletics, including the Girls Varsity Basketball team capturing their first New York State Championship earlier this year (the first girl’s championship in Masters’ athletic history as Versen is keen to point out), Squash winning the National Championship in their third year of existence, Boys Varsity Soccer winning a championship in 2018 and other sports such as cross-country and swimming building a strong reputation in NEPSAC and FAA. Versen hopes that the future holds similar success for Masters Athletics and that Logan Condon, the next Athletic Director, can continue building on the foundation Versen helped establish. “The foundation is done and Condon will continue to work and build our programs based on the philosophy and framework previously established while keeping the enthusiasm up.”

Condon is currently the Athletic Director at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, CT and worked there since 2015. Previously, Condon coached the Sacred Heart girls soccer team to a championship in the Fairchester Athletic Association. He took on the head coach job in 2013 after serving as the assistant coach since 2010. Check in the coming weeks for more information on Condon.

As Versen heads south, he hopes to find relaxation and more time to spend with family. Although he believes he might become bored, he plans on exploring new hobbies such as cycling and fishing, and maybe find a position as coach of a local track and field or soccer team.