News Brief: EFFECT announces Fall Festival

Lilith Leys, Accountability and Accuracy Manager

From Nov. 16th to 20th, EFFECT, Masters’ sustainability initiative, will be hosting a Fall Festival. It aims to provide afternoons of fun, while also working towards the greater cause of cleaning up our planet. All events start on the quad at 2:45 p.m. 

On Monday, EFFECT will be partnering with Improv Club for a forest cleanup, which entails a walk through the woods behind campus to pick up any trash and litter. On Tuesday, students and faculty can join in on designing environment-themed classroom decorations to be hung up around school- bring your own art supplies. A“geocaching” event will take place on Wednesday, where participants will find packages with small trinkets inside around Dobbs Ferry. Be sure to install the app on your phone beforehand! On Thursday, a documentary screening will be taking place. The movie will be announced later in the week by EFFECT leadership. And finally, on Friday, make sure to wear as much green as you can, as the person wearing the most green will get a prize. 

Check out EFFECT’s website for more info on this and future events.