Student-run Instagram accounts become more prevalent despite recent pushback

Rowan McWhinnie, Lead Opinion Editor

Most Masters students, whether scrolling through Instagram or getting a follow request, have stumbled upon a student-run Masters account. Most are created for school clubs or organizations, such as Panache, DAA, EFFECT, and UNICEF, however, more recently students have been creating more comical accounts.  

Roll Panths, Masters Can’t Park, and Masters Knocked, are only some of many newly created accounts…..the list goes on and on. 

Roll Panths, created and managed by senior Ava Dilorenzo, is an Instagram account specifically for the Senior class of 2022. It features the senior class’ activities, college acceptances, sport events, and even some student take overs. 

“I did it as a way to bring the community together using humor. I think it took someone new to the grade to really see what it was missing, and this was the perfect thing,” DiLorenzo said. 

Before launching the account, Dilorenzo had the request approved by Class Dean, Shelly Kaye, and in just a few weeks she – with the help of her close friends – was able to get it up and running. So far, she has posted videos of seniors’ secret talents, Christmas caroling videos, Halloween videos, Founders Day events, and college acceptances. 

“Posting on RollPanths is quite an exciting activity. I love including as many seniors as possible so everyone feels like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, since this account will be passed down as the years go on,” Dilorenzo said. 

Though social media is a very fun and exciting way to bond and share your experiences with your friends and family, it doesn’t come without its difficulties; and when that Instagram account represents an entire community, students have to be even more careful with what they decide to post.

“I’ve seen so many things go wrong with student-run Instagram pages, and when I started the account I wanted it to be as professional as possible. I want it to show a fun, inside scoop of our senior year for the younger students and our families that also follow the account,”Dilorenzo said.

The infamous, Masters Can’t Park (MCP) Instagram account is one of the most recent to have been started. Run by Masters students who asked to remain anonymous, the account features pictures of painfully bad parking done by Masters students, which are submitted to the account. Similar to Dilorenzo, MCP thinks student accounts should be respectful and funny, “social media is a fun way to connect with other masters students. At the same time, we recognize that it is important to be cognizant of how we post and interact with others to ensure that everyone finds this account fun rather than hurtful,” the anonymous managers said. 

However, student run Instagram accounts have been a concern to the school’s Administration. In past years, student run Instagram accounts have been shut down, due to inappropriate content and behavior. And more recently new accounts have been enacted and then shut down for the same reasons. When asked to interview Jeff Carnevale, Dean of Students, he denied any comment on this matter and the topic in general.  

With great power come great responsibility

— Ava Dilorenzo

“I’m really not worried at all about it being taken down by the school. I know Instagram pages are a tricky spot in today’s climate, but with great power comes great responsibility, and I don’t take being the owner of the account lightly,” Dilorenzo said.