A Time for Clubs

Alejandra Pagano, Photo Editor

  At The Masters School, students are more than welcome to join any clubs that they choose to participate in. They can do the things they enjoy and have some downtime with their friends. But what happens when the club time given isn’t enough to do what they want to do?

  Students join the clubs they are interested in, but they’re only given around 45 minutes in an eight-day cycle – practically every other week – to actually attend those clubs. The clubs have to work around different times. They have a 45-minute period to have and attend meetings, and then they have to go to class. Making them leave a little early. This leaves students not getting a full club experience. Only having one club day in a cycle also means students have to choose between which clubs they can participate in.

  Each club is passionate about teaching things they’re interested in. Many are also interested in helping others with what they’re passionate about. Only having one 45-minute block can be hard because clubs must work around other schedules. Some students may meet with teachers to discuss things during Club Time. 

  Because of various difficulties, a few clubs have been dissolved since the beginning of the year.

  There’s not a sure way to fix this but there can be suggested solutions. Ideas that will help to extend the club time and give that time to enjoy the clubs more.

  The reason behind having one day every 8-day cycle is that Ms.Thorn along with other staff had to make the decision to take away an advisory period in order to fit in dedicated club time. 

  Before this, the clubs didn’t even have a day to meet, this was the first year. If they were to give clubs more time or another day it would involve them having to take away another advisory or morning meeting, just like this year took away an advisory time. 

  They have been looking for more dedicated club time but as of right now with the scheduling it makes it difficult to without interfering with any other periods in the week.

We have been looking for dedicated club time. This year we decided to give one of the advisory periods to Club meetings. So, this is the first year that Clubs have had a day of Masters Time dedicated to them.

— Sara Thorn said

  Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to have more club time where everyone can go to each of their clubs and not have to pick and choose between each.