After 11 years of dedication to Masters, Tim Custer starts his new journey


Marianna Gu/TOWER

TIM CUSTER WILL NOT be returning to Masters for the next school year, but he will continue to be a power for good in the world.

Marianna Gu, News Editor

In the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, Senior Associate Director of Admission Tim Custer will be moving on from Masters. Custer’s career in Masters started in 2011 and he has always been a supportive and reliable figure in the community. 

Prior to coming to Masters, Custer was an admission officer in Avon Old Farms, a private boys boarding school in Connecticut. His parents were faculty members of the school, so Custer grew up on the campus, went to school there, and eventually started his career as an admission officer in Avon. However, as a person born and raised in the same place, Custer said he wanted to spread his wings and work in a different environment. He ended up coming to Masters. 

Custer said, “I still remember to this day the enthusiasm and friendliness I received during my first campus tour and that welcoming vibe was so strong that I just had the gut feeling that Masters is the right place.” 

Throughout Custer’s 11 years at Masters, he has seen substantial changes take place around the campus. Custer said, “When I first came here, we had about four hundred students, the Fonseca Center was just a parking lot, there was no new faculty housing, and Strayer was just woods. But now, we have a new library and we are in the process of building a new IEC. I think what actually made the changes are the people, the kindness in this community, and our determination to make the school a more comfortable, motivating, and safe space for all.” 

As an admission officer, Custer has to travel around the world hosting information sessions about Masters. This allowed him to get to know different people from across the globe, which is one of his favorite parts about his position. Custer said, “I’ve been to a lot of places like Brazil, Bermuda, Tokyo, China, Saudi Arabia, and a lot of other places that I would not have gone to by myself, but my job as an admission officer gave me the opportunity to experience and see such a diverse range of people and cultures, and I’m really grateful for it.”

Aside from being an admission officer, Custer has also been the head coach of the boys lacrosse varsity team for many years –– although Custer is not coaching lacrosse for this season because of some work conflicts –– and the advisor of Gold Key. 

Claress Bahamundi, a member of Gold Key, said, “Mr. Custer is an amazing person to work with. He has been there for me when I have questions and he is also willing to offer support outside of the club. Gold Key has forever been like one of my safe spaces and favorite places to be on campus just because of the atmosphere that he creates –– so welcoming, kind, and responsible.” In addition, Custer enjoys nature and hiking with his wife, which is part of what prompted him to move to a more rural environment. 

Andrea Fischer, Director of Admission Upper School, said, “I have worked with Mr. Custer for the past 11 years, and he has always been a pleasure to work with! He is funny, down-to-earth, and easygoing, and I will miss him tremendously.” 

This Fall, Custer will be joining the admission office at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania. During his years at Masters, Custer has exerted a positive influence and devoted his energy and passions to help build the community into a better place. In the future, Custer will continue to be a power for good in the world. 

Custer said, “Although I’m moving to a new place starting next school year, I still believe that Masters is a uniquely kind, friendly, and welcoming place, and that’s a really important thing.”