Surprised: A letter to America

Journalism students’ letters to America after the election of America’s 45th president

James Minzesheimer, Contributing Writer

Dear America,

I’m surprised. Surprised that in a country where we are supposed to all be equal, our president is openly racist. Surprised that the nation was shocked at the results, but the foreigners knew what was coming. Surprised that in my dorm, only 3 people choose to watch the election and out of them, I was the only American. Surprised that I had to sit watching the poll results come in, draped in the our flag, scared. Surprised that this man is encouraging children to bully eachother, just because of their race, religion, or preference. Surprised by the fact that they told him that he couldn’t do it, when it only made him try harder. Surprised that there really is no such thing as bad as bad publicity. Surprised that talking about the election brought two of my teachers to tears. Surprised that people want to give up and move. But we can’t give up. We must stay determined, and we must not succumb to the wrath of the man who now runs our country. Mac Miller once said,  “If Donald Trump does become president I’m staying right the f@#k here”. I’m surprised how much a delivery guy from Planet Wings knew about the election and how much of a fraudulent man Donald Trump truly is. He spoke of everything from Trump’s many accounts of fraud, his terrible temperament, to even how unimpressive it was to turn a million dollars into more money. He said to me, “It’s easy if you start with a lot. You can only go two ways: up and up.” Surprised by what he said, and while all of it may not of been true, it made sense. When he turned his back to drive away, he told me “If I was on Hillary’s campaign team it would be wrap” and I’m surprised that I actually believed him.


A Surprised American


Introduction to Journalism students at Masters wrote letters to America, sharing their reactions to Donald Trump’s victory in this week’s presidential election. Tower will be posting these reactions over the next few days as members of the community try to understand the significance of this major shift in our political landscape.