The UVD Robot: Killing 99% of germs around the world

Carly Grizzaffi, Blogger

The world we live in today is unlike any other. As we adjust to this new normal, there is still one question on all of our minds: when will things go back to normal? I could write an entire article on why I do not believe things will never fully revert to the way they were prior to the pandemic, but this blog post is about what can aid this transition back to a pre-covid world.

Founded in 2016, The Danish company UVD robots signed an agreement with Sunay Healthcare Supply company to ship self-driving disinfecting robots to hospitals across China. These robots use ultraviolet light to disinfect surfaces and kill bacteria, ultimately preventing the spread of viruses, such as Covid-19, without any risk to hospital staff. They move autonomously, meaning they can move and act independently. The development of the UVD robot started when hospitals began demanding an efficient way to reduce infection rates. Thus, in 2014, a group of engineers, designers, robot developers, and investors from Blue Ocean Robotics, the creator of UVD robotics (which was originally created to be a subsidiary), began collaborating. The robot has been globally recognized for its uniqueness as back in 2019, the UVD robot won the industry’s most prestigious award, the IERA through the International Federation of Robotics, which celebrates inventors and entrepreneurs. This award is justified considering the robot can kill 99.99% of bacteria in only 10 minutes.

Today, it has been sold in 40 countries and continues to spread across the world. Of course, this incredible piece of technology has the potential to be beneficial in hospitals; but personally, I believe it can help in other locations, such as schools, that need to continually be disinfected for students to step on campus amidst a pandemic. Furthermore, the company hopes to expand its reach to prisons, hotels, and airports. The robots have already been used in hospitals in Rome and Veneto, areas that have been hit hard by Covid-19. They are also becoming more commonly used in warehouses, hotels, cruise ships, and other locations where the robots are keeping guests and employees safe.

I believe the UVD robot is going to stay around for a while, even after this pandemic inevitably comes to an end. Just because mass numbers of individuals will not be getting sick with Covid-19 doesn’t mean everyone is safe from this virus or others completely. This technology has revolutionized the way hospitals, schools, etc. can disinfect their spaces and it will continue to do so for years to come. I cannot wait to see the incredible work the UVD robot will continue to do.