Masters seniors showcased at Katonah Museum of Art


Oliver Kreeger

On The White Rocks of the Pink Moul, a drawing by Ollie Peterson

Aurora Horn, Staff Writer


Every year, select Masters seniors who take art classes are featured in a Young Artists exhibit at the Katonah Museum of Art, and this year there are nine seniors whose work will be showcased. 

Among those 9 is Marbod Faure, who got invited through Intro to Video Production. “It’s definitely a success,” he said. “I don’t exactly know if film has that big of a space in a museum, but I’ll take it.” The work of his is a short film called À Huis Clos (Between Closed Walls) based on a French play of the same name. “It’s about three characters who end up in hell,” he said, “but realize that hell is just a room, like a living room- in my case it’s a classroom- and they realize that their only punishment is to live with each other, and there is nothing to do but live. They can’t sleep, they can’t eat, they can’t close their eyes. Yeah, it’s a bit angsty, it’s very depressing, but it’s really fun.”

Also featured is Ollie Peterson, a student in Cheryl Hajjar’s AP Studio Art class. His featured work is a drawing he did over the summer titled “On The White Rocks Of The Pink Moul” that he did over the summer. The title comes from one of his favorite songs, and it has nothing to do with the drawing itself, which is an observational drawing of a person on a couch. “I wasn’t really thinking that my artwork would really be in a museum as a highschooler,” he said. “I was thinking that’s more of something that happens in college, when you get your own exhibit or at the end of the year or et cetera, so this is an honor.”

Peterson said it best: “Amazing work to everyone who’s featured in the museum.”