Greenway educates community on energy healing to combat stress


Carol Queiroz

Mind and Body Healing Practitioner Tara Greenway teaches students alternative ways to combat negative emotions during lunch periods.

Carol Queiroz, TBN Executive Producer

On Thursday, Feb. 17, Mind and Body Healing Practitioner Tara Greenway came to campus during both lunch periods to teach Masters students about energy healing and emotional freedom technique (EFT)  tapping. Both are forms of alternative treatment for stress, anxiety, emotional distress and even physical pain based on the belief that healing energy flows through the human body and can be channeled for good use. Students who attended the sessions learned about stress management, accepting your feelings, EFT tapping points and more.

Greenway said she got into energy healing after looking for alternative treatments to relieve chronic migraines, and later discovered EFT tapping while battling Lyme disease, and said it made her pain go from “wanting to scream to falling asleep.” Once she saw how helpful this was in her life, she felt inspired to teach these healing techniques to others. 

“I just automatically wanted to teach other people. So I started teaching it to some clients because I think this is just incredible. And I could not believe no one was talking about it! Now, I teach this at schools because I saw how the pandemic affects my own kids. I also read all these articles about how Covid is affecting so many students, teachers and parents, you know? I knew I could help.” 

Greenway was brought on campus by the Mental Health @ Masters initiative, a group of students who work closely with the counseling center to find ways to better the mental health of the student body. Claress Bahamundi, one of the initiative’s co-chairs, commented on why the initiative brought Greenway on campus. 

“Bringing Ms. Greenway was a group collaboration of myself, Ana Castillo, the counselors and Ms. Hajjar. The club wanted to supply the students with tactics to aid in resolving feelings of stress and anxiety other than the typical ‘mindfulness and deep breathes.’” Bahamundi said. “ I think that the students who attended the sessions were able to learn about how their body holds onto negative emotions and stress that often physically manifest themselves in headaches, heart pain, or stomach aches as well as how to release those feelings, which is very important.”

Greenway hopes that her lesson on energy psychology and healing will help Masters students think about how they manage stress and learn to accept themselves and their emotions. 

“When we see and accept ourselves, that’s the first step to healing ourselves.” Greenway said.