Attwell makes waves, in and out of the pool

Aurora Rose Horn, Lead Copy Editor

Meet Nat Attwell ‘23, one of the captains of the swim team. Attwell has been swimming for 12 years; his parents enrolled him in swim classes when he was a youth, and he’s just continued with it. Part of why Attwell has stuck with swimming for so long is because “It’s good to be able to improve at things, and there are not many things in life where you can see your progress as explicitly as in athletics.” He also said that swimming is “a good outlet for whatever emotions you had in the day.”

Attwell cited Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps as an inspiration. “Pretty standard guy,” he said, “but he’s a big role model, just because of how good he is, but also in his work ethic and things like that.”

When he’s not in the pool, Attwell enjoys working on his car (he has an old truck), as well as playing video games like Minecraft. Career wise, though, Attwell has his mind set on going into biomedical engineering. 

Attwell’s best times are 22.39 seconds for the 50 yard freestyle, 48.97 seconds for the 100 yard freestyle, 1 minute, 47 seconds and 67 milliseconds for the 200 yard freestyle and 4 minutes, 57 seconds and 24 milliseconds for the 500 yard freestyle.