Letter to the Editor

Students respond to altered image of Chinese flag

Letter to the Editor

Following the publication of Tower Volume 76, Issue 2 on Thursday, Nov. 21, a number of members of the Masters community expressed concern with an image on the front page that depicted the flag of the People’s Republic of China with the logo of TikTok, a social media platform, in the upper left hand corner of the flag.

On Friday, Nov. 22, the Tower editorial board and the illustrator of the image met with a group of students to further listen to their concerns and discuss the issue.

As an editorial staff, we are in the position of making decisions about content every day. We use our best judgment to move forward in both a sensitive and timely fashion.  Sometimes, however, we as humans beings fail to anticipate the impact of the words and images we choose to use and this seems to be one of those instances. It was never our intent for the image to be disrespectful or hurtful, and we are sorry that members of the Masters Community, hailing from The People’s Republic of China, felt disrespected. 

We appreciate the response of our Chinese readership and have become much more aware of the sanctity the image of the Chinese flag holds for its citizens. As we move forward, we commit to being more sensitive to depictions of the Chinese flag in particular and the flags of other nations in general. The online version of this issue will appear without the graphic of the Chinese flag.

In response to the image, the following Letter to the Editor has been written by a group of students: