Masters getting through isolation

Leron Dugan’s Painted Work of Art

Jacob Kriss, Accountability and Accuracy Manager

Many students at The Masters School are finding creative ways to keep themselves productive and mentally stable during quarantine. 

Senior Sabian Grier said, “With social distancing being practiced, it has been difficult to find routine and embrace this new way of life.” Although social distancing has prevented Grier from spending time with people outside of his immediate family he has found ways to stay active. 

He said, “Although we can’t venture out unless absolutely necessary, we should still make an effort to get outside and be in the sunshine. I personally enjoy biking outdoors as much as possible.” He continued,“Although we can no longer be in direct contact with our friends, It is important to make an effort to be social in whatever way we can, whether that’s Zoom calls or FaceTime chats.”

Others have seen social distancing as an opportunity to practice skills that they might have less time to refine. Senior Leron Dugan has found a silver lining in his time spent isolated. 

He said, “I have been drawing a lot more than I am usually able to and with all of that time I have seen an improvement in my work. I believe that everyone can use this excess of time to spend more than they would [otherwise] on a particular skill especially as we need to keep our minds busy being inside all day.”

Junior Brody Leo has kept his passion for rock climbing alive during this time of isolation by dedicating over ten hours to constructing his own climbing wall at home. Before isolation began, Leo rock climbed three times a week. A month ago when Leo found out he could no longer go to the gym where he climbs, he decided to begin construction on his wall. After over ten individual hours of hard work Leo was finished and able to continue pursuing his passion in the confines of his home. Beyond his passion for climbing Leo was motivated to construct the wall in an effort to stay motivated mentally and in shape physically. 

Leo stated that he feels others can also remain healthy by, “Trying to find something that they want to be passionate about and putting their energy into pursuing whatever it is”.