Asynchronous PE offers new route to sports credit


Carol Queiroz

Sophomore Amelia von Jan planks as part of her asynchronous PE credit. This year, many students has resorted to the new elective to obtain their sports credit.

Carol Queiroz, Advertising Manager and Copy Editor

Almost daily, senior Teddy Masters takes a long, fast-paced walk down to the Dobbs Ferry aqueduct and back to his house. After finishing his walk, ready to continue his workout, he rides a stationary bike before documenting his exercise routine for the day. But unlike a typical home workout, this is just one example of how Masters and 82 other students receive their physical education credits for the Spring semester. 

As part of the athletic department’s adaptations to the COVID-19 pandemic, mandatory P.E credits can now be acquired asynchronously through a new elective,Asynchronous P.E., led by Coach Maria Nardulli. All students who participate are required to complete a minimum of three hours of exercise per week and detail their workout routines in weekly emails to Nardulli. The athletic elective, unconventionally, does not take place during Panther Time, and can even be done from the comfort of a student’s home. 

Nardulli expressed having a positive experience in coaching this elective for the first year, mentioning that it is a “great option” to gain credits during the pandemic, especially for those who are hybrid or remote. 

“It brings a sense of normalcy, because it gives everyone who isn’t in our area or remote the option of doing their P.E or co-curricular classes that they would normally have in school at a normal time,” Nardulli said. 

Masters is thankful for the opportunity to get his P.E credit remotely. For him, Panther Time is occupied with spring play rehearsals, meaning that participating in any in-person P.E credit electives would take him away from the theater for two rehearsals a week. However, with the Asynchronous P.E elective, he has been able to be present at rehearsals for five days a week rather than three. 

“Being able to do more activities during school hours and taking the time that I have free to do my exercise is very beneficial. It gives me flexibility with my schedule, and I would like to see this elective in future years.” Masters said. 

While many students enjoy the benefits of Asynchronous P.E., one main challenge with the concept of the elective has arised, diminishing its overall success. Coaches have no way of making sure students are truly fulfilling their workout plans, and thus are uncertain if students are really getting their credits. 

Nardulli states that while skeptical, she has faith that her students work to make this elective funcional. 

“When everyone sends me their work of the week, I do question if they actually did what they said they did. But I have to just trust that everyone is putting in that work, that’s the one thing that’s hard about this elective,” she said. “It is all about the honor system.”