An inside look: The team behind snow day decisions


Lily Zuckerman, Ad Manager & Assistant Social Media Manager

Many students who experience a “white winter” generally appreciate the idea of having a snow day, especially during a busy school week. At Masters, an emergency weather team handles snow days, consisting of Director of Student Activities, Ed Gormley, Head of Operations Team Dan Pereira, Head of Upper School Peter Newcomb, Head of Middle School Tasha Elsbach, and Head of School Laura Danforth. Although Masters has an unlimited number of emergency weather days, there is still a lot of consideration that goes into closures and delays for school. When there is bad weather in the forecast, the emergency weather team meets the night before over the phone around 8 P.M. Ed Gormley, the Director of Student Activities spoke on the snow teams view on safety precautions. Gormley said, “We [the snow team] always encourage families, that it’s not safe to go to school where you are, then really every family has their own ability to call us note.” The team discusses the weather forecast in the “catchment areas,” which are all of the areas that day students/teachers come from. They take everyone’s geographic location into consideration when making a decision on closure/delay.